The noble ancestry of our founder, Joseph Lesquendieu, French pharmacist and perfumer, can be traced back to the 16th century. A hard worker from northern France Joseph Lesquendieu graduated with a Diploma in Pharmacy from Ecole de Pharmacie d’Amiens, and established his perfume and cosmetics company, J.Lesquendieu, in 1903 on 5 bis rue de la Tacherie, Paris. Member of the Parisian perfume syndicate, he also served as a French Foreign Economic Advisor and was appointed “Chevalier de la Légion d’honneur” on January 15 1926 for his valuable contribution to the perfume and beauty industry.

Joseph Lesquendieu aimed at achieving excellence, when creating a fragrance, by liberating creativity from budgetary constraints and placing the priority on quality over quantity In his final years, he dedicated most of his spare time to writing down his memoires, including recipes, techniques and guidelines to transmit to future generations how a passionate pharmacist as himself, succeeded in creating an exceptional beauty products house at an international level. Joseph Lesquendieu’s philosophy and methodology have indeed remained the pillars of the company since its creation and are carried on by the company’s third generation today.

Parfums J. Lesquendieu
Parfums J. Lesquendieu

Over 7 Decades of Excellence

From the creation of our company in 1903, our fragrance inspirations have always been produced without constraints, focusing on creativity and using only the finest ingredients available. Through this dedication to creativity and excellence, our company quickly gained a following of an affluent Paris-based clientele. The Lesquendieu name was spread through their travels overseas and these sought after fragrances gained notoriety throughout the United States leading to the establishment of an American division in 1904 on 45 West 45th Street in New York City.

The “ Roaring Twenties” was a period of high creativity and golden age of perfumery. Fragrance houses emerged with fine perfumes throughout Europe. Some of the most notable classic fragrances were created during this time with Lesquendieu creations counted among the most respected. The company’s activity continued throughout two World Wars, helping to sustain the French wartime economy by employing women to craft their fragrances and beauty products. During this period, Lesquendieu released several perfume creations, including Glorilis, Feu de Bengale, and Bonne Fortune.

At the time of Joseph Lesquendieu’s death in 1962, the company had already gained notoriety among true connoisseurs. Lesquendieu’s perfumes continued to be produced up until the early seventies. But, in the absence of the founder’s close personal involvement in each step of the creative process, the house eventually ceased its production and was dormant from the early eighties until recently, when the third generation made the decision to revive the company’s activity.

Parfums J. Lesquendieu

« The quest for a true luxury product
should have no boundaries. »

Joseph Lesquendieu

Reviving the brand
J. Lesquendieu

In 2015, the revival of the company was initiated by one of the founder’s grandsons who grew up in this family of perfumers and acquired the family values at a young age. To assure that his grandfather’s legacy continued, he set out on a project that began with a dream, a great deal of research, and by becoming informed on each aspect of the company from top to bottom. With the third generation at the helm a new team was formed and the family’s heritage brand successfully re-launched.

Today, J.Lesquendieu continues a quest for excellence by combining traditional methodology, freedom of creativity, and the finest ingredients available to create a bold and sensual “crossover” line of luxury fine French fragrances presented to our valued clientele in a precious handcrafted glass bottle and cap reminiscent of the 1920’s originals.