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The story

Discover the genesis of Maison Lesquendieu, an authentic story of French Excellence which began in 1903.

-Chapter 1-
Joseph Lesquendieu

The LESQUENDIEU brand was created one morning in 1903 at 5 bis rue de la Tacherie in Paris, by a young graduate of the Amiens School of Pharmacy: a certain Joseph Lesquendieu.

A member of the Board of Directors of the Chambre Syndicale de la Parfumerie de Paris, he also exercised his talents as a French Foreign Trade Advisor and was named Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur in January 1926 for his remarkable contribution to the Perfume and Beauty industry.

When he created a fragrance, Joseph Lesquendieu quite simply aimed for excellence, freeing himself from all budgetary constraints and favoring quality over quantity. These values were applied at every level of the company.

Working hand in hand with a team of trusted collaborators, he succeeded in preserving a company on a human scale and building an exceptional brand.

At the end of his life, Joseph Lesquendieu spent most of his time writing his memoirs, including formulas, methodologies and advice for future generations. A way of transmitting his passion, for this pharmacist-perfumer who succeeded in creating an internationally renowned company, while preserving its ethics and values.

The philosophy and methods of Joseph Lesquendieu have been and remain the pillars of our House, and have been for 3 generations.

-Chapter 2-

Since the creation of our House in 1903, our inspiration in terms of perfumes has always been free from all constraints, centered on inventiveness and using only the highest quality ingredients.

This signature of creativity and excellence very quickly enabled our company to attract an ever-increasing Parisian clientele.

The name of Lesquendieu then traveled beyond the seas and borders, and the originality of its fragrances brought it notoriety to the United States where a division was created in 1904, in New York, in the 45th street.

The “Roaring Twenties” were a period of great creativity and the golden age of perfumery. The Maisons de Parfums diffused the most subtle fragrances across Europe. The greatest classics of Haute Parfumerie date from this prosperous period, and perfumes signed Lesquendieu are among the best places.

The company’s activities continued during the two world wars, helping to support the French economy by employing women in the manufacture of perfumes and other beauty products.

Lesquendieu even then launched several creations including “Glorilis”, “Feu de Bengale” and “Bonne Fortune”.

When Joseph Lesquendieu died in 1962, the House had acquired a good reputation. The manufacture of Lesquendieu perfumes continued until the end of the 1970s.

But in the absence of the founder, who was involved in every step of the creative process, the House ceased production and remained “dormant” from the beginning of the 80s until 2015, when the 3rd generation of Lesquendieu made the decision to relaunch business activity.

«The quest for an exceptional product should know no limits»

Joseph Lesquendieu

«Creativity and quality should define perfume, not Budget»

Joseph Lesquendieu

-Chapter 3-
The rebirth

In 2015, one of the grandsons of the founder, Jérôme Lesquendieu, who grew up in a family of perfumers with well-established values, decided to revive the family House by bringing his vision combining know-how and modernity.

To respect his grandfather’s legacy, he built a project from a dream, a real quest, and trained in every aspect of the business down to the smallest detail. With the 3rd generation of Lesquendieu at its head, a new team is formed and the heritage of the family brand is successfully relaunched.

Today, the House of Lesquendieu maintains itself at the highest level in the Perfume industry. The quest for excellence remains the primary objective of the managers of the family business. An approach that has remained unchanged since 1900.

There is no limit set on the inspiration of the “nose” which plays the leading role in the development of each new fragrance. The creations are always made from the finest raw materials, mainly of natural origin, to continue to offer a demanding clientele exceptional perfumes.

-The word of-
Jérome Lesquendieu

« A family story that has always fascinated me, that’s what perfume is for me. I am therefore proud to represent the third Lesquendieu generation and to continue today this epic instigated by my grandfather.

I have kept the same obsession with excellence and am personally involved in each stage of designing a perfume or a candle. My approach resonates with our tradition traced since 1903, testimony to the quality of our House. »

«An exceptional perfume in a unique bottle, shaped by a master glassmaker.»

Jérôme Lesquendieu